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to protect your small business employees

Life and Disability cover up to R2 million

Family Funeral cover up to R50,000

No blood test or medicals required

Guaranteed cover for employers with 5 or more staff members

Why should I consider SME StaffCover?

Your employees are much more than workers. They are people with needs, desires and loved ones who depend on them, often financially.
They also have real concerns about the financial repercussions, for them or their family members, if they are disabled, or if they or any of their loved ones pass away.

As a caring employer, you now have an easy and cost-effective way of addressing these concerns for your employees and protecting their financial security, thanks to a unique new Group insurance offering.

Because the Old Mutual SME StaffCover is offered at a group level, it’s a very affordable way for all your staff members to enjoy the benefits and security of group life insurance, disability insurance and family funeral insurance. And the group cover structure even makes it possible for employees who may not have otherwise been able to get these types of insurance cover - for example due to existing health issues - to access the cover they need through your Old Mutual SME StaffCover.

Why should I consider SME StaffCover?

What are the benefits for your employee?

Employee Life Cover

If an employee with this cover passes away, a lump sum benefit, of between R50 000 and R2 million, will be paid their nominated beneficiaries.

As the policy holder, you get to choose the amount of group life cover for each employee. It can be the same for all your staff, or a multiple of each employee’s annual salary.

Employee Occupational Disability Cover

If a covered employee becomes permanently disabled and is not able to perform the duties of their current job, or another suitable occupation, they will receive a lump sum payout of between R50 000 and R2 million.

As with the Life cover, you can choose the amount of cover for each employee. It can be the same for all your staff, or a multiple of each employee’s annual salary.

Employee Funeral Cover

The amount of cover you select (between R5 000 and R50 000) will be paid out if your employee or any of their family members covered under the policy dies. The cover can be applied to the employee, their spouse and any number of their natural or adopted children under the age of 21.

If the employee passes away, the spouse and children will keep the family funeral cover, at no further cost, for another six months.

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There are two options available when choosing Old Mutual SME StaffCover


Where you intend that all eligible employees will be covered under the policy (existing and new joiners), the compulsory option is more appropriate. This option has certain benefits over the voluntary version, such as better rates and lower requirements for guaranteed cover and waiting periods. These will be explained later in this brochure.


Where you intend to give employees the choice whether or not to join the scheme (or you as the employer want to decide who will get the cover), then the voluntary version is the right solution, as long as at least 5 people are covered.

Guaranteed Cover

If you have 5 or more employees, SME StaffCover will guarantee a certain amount of full cover to each employee no matter their state of health. Full cover here means that the benefit is paid even if the cause of death is a pre-existing illness. The rules around guaranteed cover depend on the number of employees you’re covering, and on the participation rate, i.e. the proportion of eligible staff that are covered.

Guaranteed Cover